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Awesome UK London based, centered and obsessed pop trio (named after the french football team), comprising the glam puss front lady Sarah Cracknell, and ex music journalists Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs. Done some of the cleverest, loveliest, toungue firmly in chickiest pop muzak ever. I kinda lost touch after the classic three first albums, but their latest, Tales from Turnpike House turned out as good as anything they've ever done. Pop on me luves!
Man, I know SE will read this definition the next time they google themselves, and it feels so frikin awesome

Man, I'd definitely let that Sarah chick give me a hanjob

Saint Etienne (name pronounced with the stress on E, not in the le frog manner) are in the studio, cunningly crafting their knowing little pop snippets

Saint Etienne are rarely cited as "credible" by UK muzak press cos they don't really give a fuck about maintaining the "credebilitah" rituals (predictable political statements, taking themselves seriously etc etc)
by parishiltonfan12345 August 19, 2007

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