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Also known as “peasant ankles” for the ostensible stability and hardiness afforded by the wide, steady base of the legs, which aids in long hours of tillage and harvesting. As such, the condition is most prominent in women of Russian or Italian ancestry.
It is the condition where the ankle girth is equal to or indiscernibly less than the girth of the widest part of the calf. It is not ankle fat per se, but rather a state of being “big-boned” in the ankle region while simultaneously experiencing gross muscle atrophy of the gastrocnemius.
Symptoms include: deep elastic grooves from socks, increased razor wear-and-tear, ability to reap 20 bushels of grain per hour.
Man 1: "That girl's wasting her time on the calf machine at the gym--there ain't no cure for cankles"
Man 2: "Hopefully she'll marry a farmer"
by paranoid randroid October 19, 2006
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