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A blatant lie, a fragrant untruth, an obvious falicy.

Or, the excriment of cattle.
"I smell something...
Is it dog? No...
Is it horse? No...
I know. Its BULLSHIT!"

Poorly quoted "Only fools and horses"

Well, the concept is right.
by pal_sch July 30, 2004

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The safety blanket used by anicient peoples to defend themselfs from the unknown. Later developed into a system of control. For some strange reason, people still believe in him.
Common arguments for the existance of god; "God is great, god is good, god exists, the proof is in the Bible"

Common arguments for the non-existance of god; The world, people, George Bush, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, all other science, phychology (its only use), common sense.
by pal_sch July 30, 2004

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A being with a love for the penis.
One who loves to sink their teeth into a big hairy one.

It has several useful forms, including;
Noun-"Fuck you, you cockbite!"
Adjective-"You cockbiting asshole!"
Verb-"You just love to cockbite, don't you?"
by pal_sch July 30, 2004

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