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Habesha is a tribe that's divided into 5 languages which are not mutually intellgible.

The 5 languages of the Habesha tribe are:

Tigre, Tigrinya, Gurage, Amharic & Harrari.

The Habesha tribe initially spoke one language (Ge'ez) but over the centuries of migrating all over modern day Eritrea/Ethiopia, the Habesha developed into a pento-lingual tribe.

Contrary to popular belief, the Habesha are not a "mixed" people or descendents of Sabeean migration to the Horn of Africa.

This outrageous theory was first spread by European "historians" in the 16th century who have done minimal research in order to maintan the Eurocentric view of the world at that (meaning, Africans could not be capable of great accomplishments or glorious history).

That false and outrageous theory became propelled worldwide by the Arab/Muslim world as they were grateful to receive credit for Habesha history freely.

Thankfully, historians of this last decade (2000-2010) have shown that the Habesha are not a "mixed" or Sabeean descendent people and that Semitic languages were spoken by ancient Habesha in modern day Eritrea/northern Ethiopia from at least 2000BC. Centuries before any Sabeean interaction/trade.

The many wars and conflicts of the last 120 years in Eritrea/Ethiopia led to minimal resources for study/research, but once peace has been restored...more of glorious Habesha history will be revealed to the world!
Are you Habesha?


Which languages do you speak?

-I speak Harrari and Gurage. How about you?

I only speak Tigre
by pages July 30, 2011
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