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An experimental/horror film that was written by E. Elias Merhige and released in 1991. it doesnt have any dialogue or music, the only sounds are nature sounds and grunting.
It tells the story of a mother and son as they aimlessly wander a barren wasteland in search of a place to belong.
Begotten is also in black and white, and the pictures are blurred and gritty, so blurred that you cant even tell what the picture is, you can only tell that there is great suffering going on.
To a person thats not into horror films, Begotten will just appear as a pointless collection of pictures that looks more like a full-length movie of the videotape from The Ring.
To a person thats in love with horror films and cult classics, Begotten is a must see.
Begotten is possibly the strangest and most alien film ever made, and its definately worth watching.
"Dude, have you seen Begotten before?"
"Yeah.. that was the weirdest 80 minutes of my life..."
"Let's watch it."
by p00psc00p January 13, 2008
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