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n. (Relationship Attention Deficit Disorder) Sufferers are characterized by the inability to commit his or her attention to his or her chosen spouse, a constant need for attention from potential suitors, and relatively short relationship durations. R.A.D.D. sufferers usually seek out forms of communication with said potential suitors which hide the nature of their conversations from their spouse while not necessarily hiding the actual event. Texting and instant messaging are popular among R.A.D.D. sufferers as they offer more privacy than phone calls as well as the ability to talk to multiple suitors at once. More intelligent R.A.D.D. sufferers disable saving or delete all messages to ensure the maintaining of this privacy.
My girl texts all day but every time I pick up her phone there are no texts in her inbox.... I think she might have R.A.D.D.
by overkill8627 January 23, 2011

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