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The experience of having a hot female fall into your lap because of association to another person that has too much to handle (e.g. the lady friend of the friend your buddy is hooking up with), most frequently this happens to friends of celebrities or sports stars. It can also happen when you room with a player, ladies man, or in a dorm or fraternity setting... Usually it requires no work or minimal effort from you, the other person meets some hotties wanting to hook up and then hooks up with one and you are left to enjoy the other hottie.

Almost the opposite of a wingman, as you are just a benefactor of too many hot girls around.
Jason Stackhouse in True Blood when talking to his new roommate warns, that if you live with him, "There's a certain amount of pussy overflow you're just gonna have to get used to dealing with." This is in response to him talking to multiple hotties into going home with them (which happens frequently).

Also seen in Entourage, Vince hooks up with a girl at a party, and the one or more of the guys frequently experience "pussy overflow" by hooking up with remaining hotties.

"Pussy Overflow" might occur when your roommate comes home from the bar with a few ladies, and you end up hooking up with one of them after he hooks up with the first. You do not do any real work, just are there to offer your body for sexual pleasure.
by overflow123 June 25, 2010

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