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The coolest Transformer. In the original series he turned in a Martini Porsche and was voiced by Scatman Crothers. He likes music, break dancing and generally getting down. Jazz was Optimus Prime's intelligent, highly skilled right-hand man and one of the few original Autobots to survive the battle with Unicron. Unfortunately Mr.Crothers died before the third season of the show, so Jazz was seen occasionally but did not speak throughout the final(American) season. He has had several toys including: Generation 1 Jazz, an Action Masters Jazz, a Pretenders Jazz, a Generation 2 version of the original(G1) toy, a recent gold version, a couple of ceramic busts, and a few statuettes.

In Michael Bay's Transfomers(2007) movie the Jazz character took on a more serious tone and was voiced by Darius McCrary. He turned into a Pontiac Solstice and died at the end of the movie(which was totally lame).

In the newest Transformers series, Animated, Jazz's personality is closer to that of the original character. This time around he is voiced by Phil LaMarr. And turns into a futuristic Porsche-like sports car with graphics paying homage to the original Jazz's Martini stripes.
"Do it with style or don't bother doing it"-was Jazz's motto according his tech-spec card.
by Original_Name August 17, 2008

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Abbreviation meaning seventh grade. Either the first or second year of junior high depending on the school district.
I'm in Gr7
by original_name August 17, 2008

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