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When you get three girls face down in the formation of the flying v while the front girl twittles the sweet pussy of the girls on either side of her. Then twelve guys join in. Two guys on the front girl. The first guy pounds the ass while the other gets a juicy blowjob. Then the chick on the right goes skiing with two lucky guys while one guy gets a wet blowjob, and the other hammers the ass. The girl on the left does the same as the girl on the right. This forms the perfect flying V. All the Bitches flop around like seagulls in a flying V formation.
Samantha, Mackenzie, and Candy all woke up with a mouth full of blisters, rashes on there hands, and the wettest pussies like they took cialis, after they formed the perfect Flying V.
by oprah696969 September 15, 2009

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When A girl is spread out face down while 4 guys tag team the fuck out of her with one in the pussy and one getting head while the two guys on the sides both get handjobs as shes fully suspended. She'll flock around taking it all from all angles with her wings out like a seagull.
Last Night I was getting head from your broad... when my 3 buddies came out of the closet and all got in on the action and we seagulled her.
by oprah696969 September 10, 2009

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