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Slowly moving a laptop in circles, as if you were using a Ouija board to conjure spirits, in hope of finding or improving the strength of the wi-fi signal you are stealing from your neighbor.
After playing wi-fi ouija for an hour, I got enough bandwith to download the Snooki sextape!
by ookie badookie May 26, 2011
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1-To violate a bathroom by taking a messy, smelly, or downright offensive dump without the prior knowledge or consent of the owner, then leaving.

2-To enter a business or municipal building with the sole intention of dropping a dirty deuce.

*dump rapes are characterized by their lingering effects which may include splatter, near misses, lack of tp, clogged pipes, peeling wallpaper, broken friendships, asphyxiation of small pets and children, blindness, and/or most notably, the smell.
1- "So then he says 'it's getting late I'd better go home' and leaves. After he was gone I noticed the toxic fumes and realized I'd been dump raped again!"

2- "I drank too much coffee this morning and had to dump rape the library on the way to work."
by ookie badookie February 05, 2012
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