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A "College-Prep" high school located in Lake Oswego Oregon. Although they are ranked as one of the top high schools in the state, they also have one of the highest rates of Alchohol and Marijuana usage in the state. This uncommon circumstance is known as the "Lakeridge Paradox". Lakeridge, often refferred to as "Bakeridge", is sometimes compared to West Linn High School in snottyness and all-around dooshbaggery, although those who say this are probably mistaking Lakeridge for Lake Oswego High School, a similar school except their asshole percentage is much higher.
1: yo dude, where you from?

2: Lakeridge High School.

1: Oh, so your a rich asshole who cares way too much about style and highschool football who gets drunk everynight in your Mercedes playing ganster rap because you think you are ghetto?

2: no man, you're thinking of Lake Oswego.

2: oh ya, nevermind, you guys are just smart stoners
by oogaboogaaaaahhhh May 21, 2010
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