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A skinny super goodlooking man who is a kind hearted hard working father.
Have you seen father hen today? He’s super skinny!
by onlytruefactsbytheoneandonly August 26, 2021
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Ralysha is a true ship name that will forever exist, hence the definition of it on this website. It is one of the best ships to ever exist, following Aidlysha and Shalakkiya. Between 10-20 years, this ship between Alysha and Rameen with come true following marriage. On one side, Rameen, the Alysha lover, has approved this ship. However, Alysha states her true love lies with Aidan. Because of this 100% true definition of this ship, the love will eventually connect through.
"Ralysha is one of the best ships!" - Ava, a really hot and sexy person
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Shalakkiya is a ship between Ilakkiya and Shafeeq. They live their mysterious lives togetherin shafeeq's house. It has become quite obvious that they live together because they both are the only ones who refuse to share where they live. They are perfect for eachother, of course.
"Shalakkiya is pretty fire ngl" - Shafeeq
"Ikr, but I wanna join to make it a threesome" - Alex
"Count me in" - Alysha
"Ayo" - Ava
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