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1) portmanteau of whacking-off and masturbating
2) violently beating off then finish you jerk off session with calm swift hand motions
Bob: I love to whack-off violently then finish with a nice calm hand massage.

Tim: Don't do that because if you whacksturbate, your can fuck up your wrist
by one4the$ August 23, 2009
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place people who think a dinosaur will allow them to become the powerhouse in ncaa football they think they were. sadly they fail miserably to the buckeyes, michigan and were skullfucked by usc in the rose bowl. they try to be a big football school by cramming a field full of complete idiots to say they boast the largest capacity football stadium, while if they added seats they wouldn't even make it to 100.000. also the hot girls here are actually nerds, trannies, and fugly lesbian dikes. the only hot girls are the one's joe pa pays to fuck his delinquent football players so they don't leave to play for a REAL coach and team. so if you love mediocrity, crack whores, and dinosaurs go to penn state
Sally: I heard all the girls at Penn State are hotter than most cheerleaders, I might not be able to compete.

Bob: I heard all the cheerleaders at penn state are crack whores and skanks.

Bill: Sally you fit right in, and there is always a viagra drip for joe pa if none of the 3in dick sized future child molesters will fuck you.
by one4the$ August 23, 2009
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where nerds and non-athletic asocial failures dwell, then blog about their football team's absolute failure and try to excuse them by bitching more about the best team in the state. then when they finally win ONCE they think it's end all be all only to not realize with their math skills..cough..cough, that they won 1 out of a 7 year assraping streak by the other team. then they talk about how this team cheats or is dumb when there best quarterback didn't take ANY math classes at a premiere school. lastly techies love to bash everybody only to realize they live in a city full of more trash, scum, hobos, and failures than all their opponents.
Joe: I got accepted into georgia tech!

Bill: You're a cocksucking asocial faggot with no life except on the internet?

Joe: (cries and shits himself)
by one4the$ August 23, 2009
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