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An English person. Referring to the pale complexion of the tan-less people in the sunless country that is England.
could also be "Bloody" Salad Cream.

A mocking gesture.
person 1 "So, how about those English?"


person 1 *lmao* "salad cream"
by omnomnomkittiez January 04, 2011

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1, an exclaimation made after a moment of incredible stupidity or massive failure.

2, a facial expression with crazy eyes and a stupid lip.

3, when accompanied by a " :3 " indicates happy moment, or blushing with out making the user feel as stupid as they would if they wrote *blush*
guy 1 "she's fiiiiiiine, think I'll get any tonight?"

guy 2 "she's a lesbian."

by omnomnomkittiez January 08, 2011

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