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An unexplainable yet incredibly strong feeling for someone... Most people use the word "love" to get into someone else's pants. Love is overused in today's world, people say they love someone because of the way they look. That isn't love. Love is when you can't do anything without thinking about that person, you always want to be with them. It's not that you want to have sex with them, you just want to spend time with them and you just want to hold them and never let go. Love can be fooling, you can think you're in love and it can lead to the most horrible feeling in the world. Also you can wait so long for someone, loving them, and waiting for them to love you back, but they don't return it for a long time and you spend years thinking and thinking and it tears you up inside but when that person realizes that they love you back it's miraculous.
Love is a very strong word, don't overuse it.
by omgtrendwhore July 28, 2005

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Combination of Cha + yes. Meaning 'yesyes'..
1: Do you want to go to a movie later?
2: Chayes.
by omgtrendwhore July 08, 2005

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The worst fucking state ever. It's hella boring, there's nothing to do, everyone is a snob, and they wouldn't know comedy if it were to slap them upside the head.
1: What?! You're moving to New Hampshire?!
2: Yeah, stupid hicks.
3: Why the fuck would you move there?
2: Because my parents want me to suffer and ruin my social life completely. -facepalm-
by omgtrendwhore August 02, 2005

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