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Ikko is a Japanese word which originates from the name IkkĊ.

1- Slow paced, absent minded and disoriented
2- A Buddhist sect which branched rom Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
3- Transgender make up artists.
1- He is such an IKKO person that he never knows what we are talking about!
2- Lets practice some IKKO meditation moves.
3- My make up for the party was done by a famous IKKO at the salon.
by okea June 23, 2009

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Muna is an Arabic word.

It means desire or wish and is commonly referred to evil twin's with evil desires.
She plans to kill the old man with poison, she is such a MUNA!

A MUNA may have planned the deadly attacks on our convoy.
by okea June 23, 2009

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