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An alternative to a millennium, involving Will Smith, at which one is expected to party like it's 1999 only to realise that it actually is halfway through said statement.
Identifiable as a new-year celebration on the dawn of a triple-zero date at which people are gettin' jiggy with it and pumping the roof at twelve-oh-oh.
"My new years resolution for the new Willennium is to get jiggy with it on a more frequent basis"
by oisín April 17, 2006

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(n) A quirky insult implying that the receiver is a frequent or renowned masturbator, who resembles or is comparable to a lamp, or alternatively, involves lamps in masturbatory practices.
(v) lampwanking -(inf) lampwankery
1: "Good afternoon."
2: "Get fucked, you fucking lampwank bastard."
by oisín April 22, 2006

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