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according to one of the definitions for acronym ASS is an acronym for angle-side-side. that reminded me of a maths lesson where we were told that 'ASS does not work' and i have still remembered that lesson.
Teacher: And now we conclude that ASS does not work
everyone else: haaaaaahaha
by oi prick July 12, 2005

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Abbreviation of Dont Give A Shit. The lazy, not-caring persons motto. Can be used in different ways eg:
1) instead of saying 'I dont give a shit'
2) as a verb
3) a random exclamation
1) 'I got so drunk last night'
'really, well DGAS, its not that interesting'

2) 'I dont want to go to school today, lets DGAS it'

3) 'DGAS!'
by oi prick June 27, 2005

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