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Contary to popular belief, the xbox isn't really a game console but a nuclear missile silo that is controled by Bill Gates as the Playstation 2 can shoot nuclear scud missiles and the Gamecube is an atomic bomb. Now with the new consoles coming out, they may use them and the unknown weapons they have in the new consoles.
The truth of the playstation, xbox, and gamecube is out there!!!
by ohssnap January 07, 2006

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The place you go from Sunday-Thursday and Saturday night if you got nothin' else to do or got no life. Friday is taken up by some kiddie stuff on cartoon network but you can go to adult swim's website and watch episodes that will be on on Sunday.
Well, I've got nothin' else to do tonight. Time to watch some Adult Swim and get wasted.
by ohssnap January 13, 2006

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