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Noun: Another name for the male genitalia. It gets its named from the combined words of "Skin" and Dildo"
"Man, I was getting some tang last night and we fucked so hard my skildo is raw."
by ohhhlethal December 11, 2007

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girls who purposely lead on guys for the sake of shits and giggles. They always hint things to you and then as soon as you get think you like them and she likes you they step on your balls and disappear into thin air. It's usually a lame month long ordeal, possibly even longer.
So Carrie called me and told me to come over because her parents were out of town. I got there and no one was even home, so I called and she said there was an "emergency". She's such a decepticon.
by ohhhLeThaL November 29, 2006

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