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1)Filthy, balding, non-spanish speaking illegal immigrant who swears he is nothing more than one of 6 offspring of two white parents. Can normally be identified by the half eaten bag of trail-mix that someone else purchased sitting in the front seat of his plastic "Ferrari of Saturns".
Normally impressed by items "Not sold in stores" or "As seen on TV".
Has a VIP pass to every swap meet and flea market in the Central valley. he can be seen jumping at the chance to purchase anything being sold cheaper than MSRP and reselling the product for the smallest profit available, sometimes even losing money during the process.
Can be found in the early evenings rummaging through your refridgerator while bitching about the lack of food you have for him to take.

2) Beaner in denial.
Hey bro, wheres Estes?

I think hes out there trying to sell a Scooler for less than what he paid for it. Oh wait, hes in the fridge eating your sandwhich!

Fuckin Estes, what a beaner.
by o560 September 16, 2008

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