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A person that has completely performed a complete opposite turnaround of the person they once used to be
Man, ever since Jimmy became a foreman, he's been a complete 180 for pushing harder than he pulls
by nukelife April 05, 2016

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The seemingly endless process of pushing for unrealistic & unattainable production goals while purposely ignoring all reality entirely with complete total disregard for all human condition. This is usually driven by bonus-motivated individuals that have never performed any actual mechanical work. These individuals typically retain company positions such as training coordinators, most commonly named James or Jason. Their leisure activities include, but are not limited to, pushing small and round shaped objects into their overly stretched rectums repeatedly until they reach sexual climax, eventually shouting in a detestable tone “Attention in the War Room for brief!”
"That contractor never saw the true horror that was in store for them when James & Jason Exelon-ed them"
by nukelife May 04, 2021

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