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five fags with no musical talent attempting to make music by bitching and whining about life. they are nothing but a disgrace to canadian bands.
dumbshit: simple plan is awesome

me: go suck a cock you fucking dumbshit
by nub_sauce February 22, 2007

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A dumbfuck, whitewashed asian who can't spell for shit. An embarassment to all the REAL asians.
azn: aZn pRyDe 4 LiFE y0

me: shut the fuck up
by nub_sauce February 22, 2007

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the acronym of what you say to someone who spells this out in a real life conversation and other overused acronyms like wtf rather than saying the real thing
fag: stfu (spells out stfu) I only kiss that other guy cause uh..it's my religion so wtf (spells out wtf) you talking about I'm not gay.

me: No YOU shut the fuck up you don't even know proper english AND you kissed a guy, fag.
by nub_sauce February 23, 2007

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