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A man who sucks on other mens cocks. He usually is bisexual and likes only big juicy cocks. Has his left ear pierced and wears pink.
Person 1: Yo, you see that fishh on the corner?
Richard Simmons: YA! WORK IT BOY! WORK IT!
by Nouser June 29, 2009

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Saying/doing nice things to make the other feel good.

Any of the below will be accepted.
However the opposite will not make the other person feel good. Example below..
Gandalf: "gurrllll damn you sxc can't wait to be all up on dat"

Gandalf is being nice.
Frodo feels good.

Gandalf: "you're cooked you fucking clown"

Gandalf is not being nice.
Frodo feels bad.
by nouser February 26, 2015

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