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A word used to ask someone to be quiet.

Commonly mistaken for the word "shush", but I assure you, they mean the same thing.

Can also be used as a way to describe the causing of someone to be quiet.
Friend: ::playfully insults you::
You: Oh shoosh...

Friend: ::playfully insults you::
You: Don't make me shoosh you...
Friend: ::continues::
You: ::covers their mouth to stop them from continuing to insult you::
by notthatoneguythatyouthinkitis November 26, 2016
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A motion in which one party makes contact with the other in a violent motion that repels the receiving party. Because of its aggressive demeanor, this motion is still classified under the sub-category of "hit". This motion could also be classified as a "push", "repelling-motion-thing", or a "slow-hit".
The girl "shoved" the boy after he joked about her curly bangs.
- or -
"Hey! Stop "slow-hitting" on me!"
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