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okay. to add to the other definitions of scene..
Scene is basically the "style" or "image" that people portray when they are attention starved, and have no talent or hobby or friends or confidence.

Scene is very angry. I think they're basically a bunch of confused pussies with low self-esteem that want everyone to think they're hardcore and badddd ass or even just fucking weird, so that no one will mess with them.

They want to be different but all scene people are the same. They don't actually have their own style, they just conform to what other scene people like and do. They make individualism hackneyed.
scene symptoms to look out for;
eating a flowers
wearing super super skinny jeans
choppy hair, dyed hair, and hair with an exaggerated side part
being very very angry
doing anything to be different, anything to get noticed
the sporting of claire's, icing, limited too jewelry
wearing excessive amounts of bows, plastic bow clips, sweatbands, eyeliner
being obsessed with suckish local bands (not the good ones)
listening norma jean..
by not-suzy December 31, 2008
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