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1. when people stop posting on a chat board.

2. also deaded, as if you think you killed the board with your presence
1. whoa this board is dead

2. i deaded the board again. everyone must hate me. i'd better go listen to some goth music
by not illiterate March 31, 2005

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Started from the word chav (obviously) these are young chavs who act like their chav older brothers and sisters but steal things that aren't worth as much.
these minichavs in town cried after someone shouted boo
by not illiterate March 07, 2005

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England is a small country
London is the capital
Britain is England + Wales + Scotland
England loves the Gulf Stream, so stop melting the Ice Caps USA, China et al
It doesn't always rain
Labour only won the Election because Brown stole all our pensions, sold all our gold and taxed everyone who was not their target voter and gave it all to people who can't really be arsed to work
Not everyone in England knows each other, and we don't have tea with the Queen
The people with brains are currently trying to win the fight against chavs and the hoodied yobs (according to the right-wing rags)
It's called football, so stop calling it soccer!
Joe US: England? I thought it was called Britain??? So what's a London then?
by not illiterate June 08, 2005

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a fatso rating - an acronym for
Sex appeal

use it to rate hot girls that you see on the street, on the bus etc. out of 5 for each, max 20
whoa see that brunette over there - her fatso must be at least 18
by not illiterate April 20, 2005

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