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1. A flower
2. A girl name


1. A Lil(l)y is a flower. It is often trumpet-shaped (effin sweet) and of various colors. Some are day lillies or water lillies.


2. A Lily is a girl, i'll go by what I know. A Lily has a bubbly personality and has short dark hair (From what she has dyed it) She is a teenager and is quiet protective over her bands! She is down right gorgeous and smart! She is a good person to talk to. The Lily I know, well I'd be lost without that crazy loon!
1. I just smelt a Lil(l)y, and it smelt like a flower.

2. I just smelt a Lily, and it smelt like teen spirit and

Brittney Spears.
by nohomobroski July 09, 2011

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