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2 definitions by nobunny

1. A female, usually of the barely legal age range, who spends her time chasing police officers and offering them her 'services' in hopes of gaining status amoung her badge bunny friends.
see also holster sniffer, most commonly found at all night resturants and gas stations.
Do you know Leslie?
Oh, you mean the badge bunny? Yeah, I've heard that she's served more cops than Dunkin' Donuts.
by nobunny August 31, 2008
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1. An amusing cartoon character commonly seen in association with Bugs Bunny.
2. Any law enforcement officer who is known to employ the services of one or more badge bunny, due to the cartoon characters penchant for hunting rabbits. See also badge bunny
Have you met Officer Yung?

Oh, you mean Elmer Fudd? Every badge bunny in the tri-county area has given him a turn!
by nobunny August 31, 2008
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