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Someone who tries to be something that they aren't, esp. when it is at that time considered popular to be part of that specific group or 'clique'. Generally used for fake punks, goths, or anything associated with rock music.
Hilary Duff pretends to be a punk, when her brand of music is quite recognizably Disney brand pop music.

Poser kid: I totally love Green Day! I am like their biggest fan!
Real thing: Cool, what's your favorite song?
Poser kid: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Oh my gosh, that is like my theme song.
Real thing: Okay then... do you know any other songs?
Poser kid: Um... isn't that their first hit? They're new.
Real thing: *shakes head and walks away, disgusted*
by no_name_know_it_all December 27, 2005
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A great band from Newark, NJ. There has been much controversy over whether thy are punk, goth, emo, pop, rock, or what ever else. Come on guys, it's music.
Gerard Way: Vocals
Mikey Way: Bass
Frank Iero: Guitar
Ray Toro: Guitar
Bob Bryar: Drums
In spite of what most people say, not one of the members are gay. They have never pretended to be something that they aren't, so whoever came up with those ideas is completely wrong. MTV has made them popular, which saddens people like me. I am happy that they are successful, but now everyone is acting like a fan just to fit in. I'm pretty sick of it.
My Chemical Romance played at this previous Warped Tour.
by no_name_know_it_all December 28, 2005
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