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To keep a forum post on the top of the list by using alternate accounts to post replies to your original post.
Danks - Level 14 Troll Mage
Wow I like the honor system and the huge battles. Just increase the Horde guards levels a bit and this game will be about perfect!!!

Danks - Level 14 Troll Mage
Yes I agree. PVP action is key.
by no-one April 21, 2005
You know what! I dunno who this is writing a load of bull shit about people, but it's gotta stop! I am getting really upset over this bunch of of crap this person here is saying...it has gotta stop!
Person logging on as 'sumone'
by no-one March 11, 2003
She is a kind hearted girl with a great imagination! She roles a big person in most people’s lives. She often is upset by people but gets over it quickly. She sometimes has a negative mindset but is a lovely person to be friends with! She can be a bitch at times but she is a lovely person otherwise
Hey is that Lilly Mai apparently she’s really nice!”
by no-one January 15, 2020