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a portmanteau of "sanctimonious" and "mommy"; a parent who condemns any parenting choice that differs from his/her own as inferior, careless, ill-informed, and often dangerous
I can almost understand Barb's "anti-vac" and non-BPA positions, but she's such a sanctimommy that wearing a mask or holding a water bottle near her is like waving a burger at a vegan protester.
by ninth1der February 4, 2022
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1) getting so drunk at a party that one wanders off into the woods to wake up wondering "where's my underwear" and "this wolf lends new meaning to 'coyote ugly'" circa late 19th/early 20th centuries, usually derogatory reference to Irish ancestry and careless intoxication;

2) to do a thing without permission (especially to leave: as to leave a post, charge, elected/appointed office, husband/wife, or social position)
3) other versions:

3 a) the "French leave" circa 18th century English (citation: Merriam Webster: 1768-71) and references a party-goer exiting without properly taking "leave" of the host, often when wine has compromised coherency or motor function, or when disgraced by social or political position, behavior, or opinion;

3 b) filer à l'anglaise (FR) ("to leave English style")

3 c) άδεια από τη σημαία (Greek) ("leave on lowering of the flag (without discharge)") essentially to abandon one's post at nightfall
3 d) despedida a la francesa (Sp) ("goodbye in the French way", "French farewell")
3 e) most European languages reference "in the English way" with dates of common usage suggesting association with derogatory reflection on English civil wars, Welsh conflicts, Irish independence, and even a resurgence of usage with Brexit. Spanish and English reference French with derogatory connotation. English adds Irish, Scotch, Welsh, and Boer.
At the Superb Owl (superbowl mis-spelled) Party last night, John took an Irish Goodbye. We found him in the park. Tomorrow he starts rabies treatment.
by ninth1der February 4, 2022
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