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A derogatory term used for a cheap boy racer. You must've seen them cruising round waisting fuel trying to pick up school girls. They cannot afford a proper pimp mobile so they buy a 200 quid Escort, Rover, Sierra.....or any other piece of shit. Then they proceed to add as many random parts as they can, usually accumulated from scrap yards and midnight thiefing missions. They aren't totally cheap as they will pay money for the biggest most low rumbling exhaust they can afford.
Imagine yourself quietly walking down the high street, when you here a low rumbling increasing in volume, eventually threatening to split the sky. As you turn round expectig to see a low flying jet, you realise what has caused the noise. A very small boy with a weasel like frame, more baseball cap and burberry than actual flesh, is careering down the road. He seems to be angry as he is staring out anyone who looks his way. He passes you and thats when you here the happy hardcore distorting out the windows. The car itself is a bright red.....it looks like a rover but how can u tell with the big whale wing on the back and the excessive skirting.
by ninemadcows August 18, 2004

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