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Originating from the Persian language (Farsi): Meaning "where the fuck am i?". Normally used in situations where a person has lost their soul or their mind. Or when they have no clue at all where they are or what is happening around them.
At a rave party - Behnam: These pills we had are crazy bro, i dont have a clue where i am or what is happening.
Kazem: Please tell me one thing, KOJOAM!!!!!???
by nikibin November 02, 2006
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can mean anything depending on the situation and context its used in. It is a indefinable and random slogan that can be used at the end of any sentence or instead of other words to make the meaning obscure. its origins have been linked to a group of social mishaps in the hurstville metropolitan area.
whats doing gangface! meaning whats doen bro?
she was gangface of blond! meaning some blond slut

by nikibin November 01, 2006
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persian for hands jakoby meaning the hands of jakob. used when one is in a static frame of mind. he or she may stand up and randomly scream on the top of their lungs "dasthayeh jakoby"
jafar: man where the fuk are we?

ehteram: bro all i have to say is " dasthayeh jakoby"
by nikibin November 02, 2006
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This phrase is used when two friends see each other instead of the common hello. Note the name dave can apply to any male irrespective of age and race.
EHSAN: Nah dave how you been bro?
NASAF: daveee nahhh
by nikibin November 02, 2006
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