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The greatest most richest history of a baseball club in history. Cursed by Babe Ruth. Filled with dreams like Ted Williams and Carlton Fisk. Ended buy guys like Bill Buckner and Buckey Dent.
It takes real fans to lose. Those are the Red Sox fans. And the Cubs. And the White Sox.
by nick898 October 17, 2003
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A word that means anything you want it to!
She is such a bloo!
by nick898 July 02, 2003
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Red Sox fans are not about stop rooting the team when they start losing and start rooting when they win. It means root for your team through losses and wins. No matter what the Red Sox will be in our hearts. It's some greater than Baseball. It's passion. Passion that can never be taken away by Babe Ruth, the Yankees or any other team. They can't reach that. It's protected, forever.
Red Sox Fans are like no other
by nick898 November 15, 2003
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