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A word to describe when a girls boobs are not real, and not fake, but definitely enhanced by the use of a cleavage maximizing bra. Named for the Victoria Secret bombshell bra, it is typically used in situations where a guy has been duped by the illusion of a large chest, when in actually it is just that damn bra that promises '2 cupsizes larger'
Jeff: Hey Mike, did Vanessa get implants or something? Her boobs look huge.
Mike: Naw brah, those things are bombshelled... under that shirt they're still A cups.

Chris: Yeah my date last night looked super hot, her rack was huge. But when I got home to nail her and she took off that bra, it was all just a cruel trick. Those things were bombshelled as hell.
by nedsyoungerbro July 10, 2010
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