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This is for an assholeish fat guy in everyone's school.Their nipples are so big,they look like slabs of Jimmy Dean sausage on their tits.
Corey,let me touch your Jimmy Dean sausage nipples

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little tiny hot dogs with cheese in them. put them in the microwave and the weiner gets hot and the cheese melts.but if you leave them in to long the hot dogs start SKEETING cheese!?!?!?!

TASTES SO GOD DAMN FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the little cheddar smokies is ass turkey.(look up ass turkey and look at the second definition)

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when you pull your pants up real high and the seam goes in between your testicles. this usually is uncomfortable but not to fags,, they like that shit. or when you get a front wedgie.(this is to men only)
Uncle kevin pull your pants down i can see your nut toe. that is really fucking desgusting.

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