having charateristics that of an asshole.
although not a permanant charater trait as with being an asshole
you're being assholeish
by allmyidea May 25, 2005
To be of asshole descent. A word created by Sam Collins on his video, "Tik Toks Big Bad Bully"
That man is Assholeish.
by Weird But Geeky January 24, 2021
i'm hella superior to you when it comes to assholeishness

my friends assholeishness ganks so hardcore he doesn't even have time to put on a condom so you're done for bitch!
by rage it up August 19, 2008
A person who is trying to be right but is still an asshole.
That police officers wants to be assholeish, gaving me a ticket for not wearing shoes while driving!
by Meowmyamyau February 14, 2021