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1.the art of giving good sexual intercourse.
3.having great sexual knowledge to make someone hooked on you
1.Last night i gave my wife the defstroke
2.Nate has the defstroke son
by natebowden May 06, 2008

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1.The art of making a woman super wet.
2.Making a virgia excessively wet.
Yo son, i dont make bitches wet, i make dem hoes oceanic!
by natebowden May 17, 2008

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1. When you take a nasty shit and your butt hole burns after.
2. Butt Hole Burner
after eatting that school lunch, i went home and took a
by natebowden May 25, 2008

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1. When you take a piss and dont shake enough and the rest of the pee drips out.
I was pissing in the lav and i got drizzle dick from not shaking enough.
by natebowden May 13, 2008

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