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A small town 20 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin. Mount Horeb is the self-proclaimed "Troll Capital of the World," bearing several carved wooden trolls along the road Main Street and Bus Hwy 18-151, the main business road. The "Trollway" is littered with antique shops and restaurants that don't last.

Several of the people of Mount Horeb continue living here for their entire life, having had families here for generations. These families are mostly hardcore Christians and redneck deer hunters. Many of the high school students are spoiled, rich, wannabe ghetto kids who don't realize how easy their boring life really is. They're too stupid to know what ghetto life is really like; that real gangstas were raised in shit holes and had to scrape their way by in a free-for-all just to survive.

Despite what parents would like to think, Mount Horeb is an epicenter of drugs. There is a constantly growing Oxycontin addiction spreading around the high school, but everyone's mom is too ashamed and embarrassed to actually do anything about it. Instead of TALKING to their kids about drugs like responsible adults, they ignore the problem hoping it will go away. After all, how could they possibly tell anyone they raised a kid who became a drug addict? It makes much more sense to keep it secret than to help your child overcome addiction.
Mount Horeb is so lame, I'm gonna ditch this shit hole and move to L.A. so I can be a gangsta!
by nanonimbo January 21, 2011
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