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One who looks at another man's johnson for comparison to his own. Someone who looks at your weiner when your taking a piss.
That package peeper wouldn't stop looking at Harry in the shower.
by nahtan June 06, 2006

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A flamy guy who likes to stare at another mans package. One who tries not to be gay in front of his straight friends but fails miserably. They all know he likes the man meat but he still tries to fit in and act straight. The meat gazer is usually in a denial stage and doesn't want his rep at school to go down so he tries anything to not be gay such as saying a girl is hot. But no one can take him seriously with his silly little pussy way of talking.
When you are walking down the hall and he comments on someones matching schemes.
When your at the beach and he scared to take his shirt off because of his love handles.
Sits with all his little girlfriends and gossips during lunchtime.
His two bestfriends are girls and you know he has never thought about hooking up with them.
You know he is a meat gazer when he nevers calls anyone gay or laughs at gay jokes.
by nahtan June 06, 2006

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