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Originating from IT roots, where it also refers to a less than pleasant prospect, to "perform a core dump" (in some marginally civilized, yet uncouth circles of urbanity) refers to the process of laboriously evacuating one's bowels - usually resulting in a hefty pile and dispersed shrapnel all over the porcelain scooter.
Dang, man! Did you have to come and perform a core dump at MY possy?!

To the mall security guard: "Dude, where's the jazz?! I urgently need to perform a core dump, or I might embarrass the shoppers!
by nafi October 20, 2007

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The faceless collective of urban dwellers. The diverse group of people who live in urbia and suburbia.
911 was a unifying day for all urbanity.

The small town girl lost her identity in the sea of urbanity.
by nafi October 20, 2007

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