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MTH. A school all the kids from PMS, the whores from dunloggin, and a few preps from private school end up filtering into. Known for its rodent infestations, drug problems, lax, and hot parties, its really not as great as it seems. It is filled with horrible teachers and the halls reek. but hey! we love our school. top girls lax in the country and tottaly hot varsity football team, its a great place to be. The dances are giant orgys and theres a party everyday so bring your bong and we will meet up in the bathroom until the bell rings and we can go to the game.
"Are you going to the beach bash?!!?"
"Of course theres a line of guys who want to freak with me, i love Mount Hebron High School!"
by nadda September 10, 2005
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A female that is regarded only for her pussy, cunt, hole, whatever you call it.
I've gotta a date with this chonch tonite.
by nadda June 03, 2003
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