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To "touch," "hit," "strike" a raw nerve - to upset someone by reminding him or her of a subject about which he or she has strong feelings.
1) Alex's mom recently died of lung cancer, so his sister hit a raw nerve by telling him that she had begun smoking.

2) Pam struck a raw nerve in Nick when she told him an anti-Semitic joke. Unbeknownst to Pam, Nick's grandmother died in the Holocaust.

3) Fat jokes touch a raw nerve in Samantha, who used to get made fun of in school for being overweight.
by na na na na na November 04, 2011

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Business operation of a marijuana dealer. Just as the word "creamery" is sometimes used to describe an icecream shop, a weed dealer runs a "dankery." Can also describe a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, or a medical marijuana dispensary.
- "I'm thinking of getting back into the business."

- "Awesome. You ran quite a dankery back in the day."
by na na na na na February 13, 2011

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Slang for snorting cocaine (or any other drug).
Bill: This club is great, but lets go to the bathroom for a sec.
Lisa: What for? U think I'm gonna fuck you or something?
Bill: I'm gonna be powdering your nose. U wanna try it?
Lisa: I could do a few lines.
Bill: Cool. Keep it on the DL, let's go
by na na na na na March 27, 2011

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