10 definitions by nOmega

1. The act of eating a measly 3 waffles by choice, and because of portion control.

2. A person who often finds themselves on the business end of a a difficult situation commonly referred to as a "waffle." Only they have 3 issues, related to each other or not.
Man walks into a bar. Man gets slightly drunk and decides to pick a fight with a motorcycle guy. Well Man is now in a waffle, fighting someone twice his size. The motorcycle man of course decides to call 2 buddies to corner Man outside.

Civilian: "Oh poor guy is gonna get a triple beating"
By-standard: "Damn, thats a triple waffle right there"
by nOmega November 09, 2009
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When a poor soul should become obsessed by a certain website whether its twitter kongregate or ever myspace and learns that any social life they thought they had by using this site has been lost because they have become such an avid indoorsman
Guy: "Have you seen Joe?"
Bob: "I saw him in kongregate chat this morning"
Guy: "Poor indoorsman got websited"
by nOmega November 09, 2009
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When you finally get out of a waffle no matter what it is. Or when you eat your last waffle on a dinner plate your desperate to finish.
Joe: Wow i got away from those thugs!
Bob: Looks like you got unWaffled.
by nOmega November 24, 2009
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