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Reference to what happens to prisoners in federal custody (FCI = Federal Correctional Institue). Derived from the "federal pound me in the ass prison" line from the move Office Space.
Police officers who violate a person's civil rights should spend five years in FCI Poundmeintheass.
by n4zhg July 17, 2021
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The walking gait made by a prisoner when their ankles are restrained by the standard 16-inch chain.
I enjoy watching convicted prisoners performing the federal felon shuffle on their way to jail.
by n4zhg January 4, 2019
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Sometimes spelled "Trepanizine." A euphemism for a bullet. Derived from trepanning, the practice of opening holes in the skull for medical or other purposes.
Child molesters can be cured by administering 300 grains of Trepanazine.
by n4zhg June 29, 2019
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