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A strong side effect of the drug xtc is a depletion of endorphins which can cause severe depression, fatigue, and hopelessness. "Suicide Tuesday" is the nickname given to the trend for people who use xtc all weekend committing suicide when they fully come down from the high on Tuesday.
Buddy was presumed dead after jumping from his parents third story apartment building. Doctors cite his frequent abuse of Ecstacy, or X, xtc, etc., in the sudden depression that was dire enough for him to take his own life. The police also claimed another victim with a similar case, marking the fourth Multiple-Suicide Tuesday the city has experienced this month.
by n!k May 03, 2004
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from the tamil "Enna di" ... current trends suggest this becoming a common greeting on the internet making a highly-acceptable substitute to the usual "hi".
Enna John Smith, wassup?
by N!K February 06, 2004
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