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modern minstrels; coons

black people offering themselves as the worst of american culture
gangsta rap : ludacris, nelly, " fiddy" cents, tupac, lil jon ( what )etc
by mzzike September 04, 2006
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an parasitical effiminate man who is worthless to society, normally an african american, who lives off of women with low self esteem.

colloquilal: to adopt the swagger an excess of the pimp persona without the dehumanization of women
all rappers are wanna be pimps, this is the black guy way of saying, " well i can't compete with real men ( whites), but at least i am not a woman"

colloquial: man that car is Pimped out!! ( see # 2 above)

can also mean being being 'tricked" or taken advantaged of beacuse of one's ignorance of subject matter, or vulnerable position

" man that sucker just pimped us( used for gain)
by mzzike September 04, 2006
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