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1. Porn-slang for a circular orgy, as in: George does Jane who tongues Bill's sack while he pumps Debra who's doing the tit-muffs on George's ears...

2. Any real-life situation reminding one of definition 1.
1. That daisychain we saw on Pimpn' Pumpin IV over at the Bijou was a cluster fuck like no other, I'll tell ya...

2. Oh ya, that's what's been holding up the traffic... I bet the jackass in the Volvo touched off this fuckin' daisychain!
by mysticpest April 23, 2005
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Closely related to fucktard in etymology, but pertaining specifically to slow-thinking, nerdy doofuses with a specific sexual affinity, if you know what I mean...
Oh, look at that Millard over there, with his pencil case and portable chess set, what a fudgetard!
by mysticpest May 11, 2005
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A storied actor whose best role may have been Tony Montana in Scarface, in which he played a Cuban exile gangster in Miami.
Tony Montana: "Say goobye to da ba guy"
by mysticpest May 03, 2005
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