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a band who's excellence you should learn of before MTV and Ryan Seacrest ruin them.
(summer 06)
me: oh my gosh, the new gch album is incredible!
friend: I know, I got it as soon as it came out last week, one of their best.

(spring 07)
Me: hey.
teenybopper: hey, have you heard of gym class heroes?
me: yeah, they're my favorite band.
teenybopper:mine too.
me: which one of their albums do you like better?
teenybopper: they only have one DUH! Anyways, I haven't even picked it up yet, I've just been listening to cupid's chokehold on the radio, and saw the vid on MTV.
me: wait a sec; you don't even have the re-release of as cruel as school children, but they're your favorite band. AND they had way more albums before that!!!
teenybopper: who cares? panic! is my new new favorite band.... moving on.
by myspace.com/adriannbabii April 22, 2007
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